Sketching tools down - that means I am done adding to this idea and it's time to digitize it and apply it to products.
This is a finished digitized drawing and the fun is only beginning. This image is way too elaborate to be used as a pattern motif. Yes it can be used as is in various repeat formats as we will see shortly. However, taking a few elements from the design makes more interesting patterns - again as we will see later in this project.
Like I mentioned previously, some applications call for  busy patterns. Good thing is the pattern exists; should such an application comes knocking, the design will answer the call.
I selected a few elements of the original design, cut down the number of colors and rearranged the pattern. Here are some applications  I have assigned the modified design to -- but can work well on other products.  
The design has an engaging impact  on small scale products such as dinnerware as well as on larger objects like armchairs or bed coverings.
Thank you for making time to watch my ideas, your input is most appreciated so please leave me some remarks - and please follow me to see my other projects in the works.
Thanks for watching my project.