Masai Beauty                                    Pen & Ink on Archival Paper   30" x 44"                                       © Dan Sekanwagi 
I can’t say for sure what prompted me to make this type of drawing, all I know for certain is that it tested my level of patience.
I don’t remember setting out to compose an image with different sizes of circles arranged at the intervals at which they were placed - you can blame the whole thing on my insatiable desire to express my artistic self as adventurously as the spur of the moment dictates!
Once I started, it quickly became apparent that densifying various areas with smaller circles tightly placed would give the image the desired illusion of shade verses areas with larger circles more spaced out.
I drew the outlines of the image with a B2 graphite pencil then switched to pen and ink. Once I got into the rhythm of it, I became obsessed. There was no rushing it though -- that would only ruin it. I remember being a little disheartened  to stand back several hours later only to realize what a minscule area I had covered in comparison to what lay staring back at me questioning my sanity!
‘Patience my dear, patience’ is all I could think to myself!
Masai Beauty  - Detail                                    Pen & Ink on Archival Paper                                     © Dan Sekanwagi